Hello, and welcome along.

My name is Jayel, and this is one of my personal websites.

I picked up this domain about 15 years ago, mostly to give myself a reason to learn HTML, CSS, and give myself a place that I can control what content goes where.

For a long while, I ran a weblog here, which at the time of its demise, was named "Just Like (a) Human", if only to use my initials in the title. Blogging was once a rewarding, fulfilling thing for me to do.

Social media has largely taken away what I started this domain for, but there will always be a need for users to have their own domain, as far as I am concerned. Be it something as simple as having a place to store images that they want to have (the illusion of) more control over how and where they are shared, or running a weblog that does not need to instantly bow to some overzealous DMCA complaint, there is always a need to have some sort of self controlled area on the network that covers this planet.

At the same time, while social media filters what one can post to the Internet, it is still useful. As a concept, I refer to services like Foursquare, which allows its users to curate and cultivate a list of locations of varying levels of serviceability and use. Users that can impact the usability of the entire service are referred to as SuperUsers, able to edit, merge, and remove entries on the service.

This said, here are the ways to find me elsewhere on the Internet:

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