Hacking the WYSE Winterm 9455XL

If you're reading this page, there is a good chance that you have questions about this old thin client.

To put it simply, there is not much to this machine, but what there is requires some careful planning and perhaps a few cups of coffee to see it through.

Things to keep in mind about the 9455XL:

The 9455XL is a fun little machine, once you get to understand its quirks.

If possible, you will want to do your operating system install from a PXE image, which means you will need another system that can run a Trivial FTP server with a boot image.

I will not get into the instructions of setting up a TFTP server, as there are far too many operating systems out there to cover explaining, and there are people who have explained it better than I can or will.

The distro of choice for my machine had historically been Debian. This is the only distro I have been able to successfully install and run over the last couple of years. I've not operated this machine in years, but I'm fairly certain that any distro that's using

will FAIL to install on this ancient piece of hardware.

At the time I was using this machine, it was specifically due to its low power consumption (under 30 watts while under a load) for maintaining a presence on IRC and handling local backup tasks. Over the years, both AMD and Intel have released processors and machines that have similar power envelopes and significantly more functionality. So, to follow these steps is to know history.

Present day seeks newer hardware with similar power envelopes and compact form factor, in which I'm too indecisive to buy something in these trying times.

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