Hey there. I'm Jayel; I've been on the internet for a ridiculously long time with respect to my overall age.

I hearken from an age where if you wanted something on the Internet, you opened your local text editor, wrote the HTML yourself, FTP'd it to the server, and made sure permissions were just right so the file would work without being writable by someone else on the machine your stuff was on.

In the past, I did more of my own design work, though it may not have been in the style that people were digging into. I can, however, say that I was much more future-thinking than most by eschewing Adobe Flash as a site design element twenty years ago. Didn't see the point then, and it's dead now, but HTML floats ever on.

I had exited the blogging sphere a while back, but decided to re-enter it when I picked up another domain, simply because I was growing increasingly disenchanted with the lack of hosting things myself in some manner.

I am a big fan of repurposing older hardware that some might throw away, with a couple of laptops that may become the heart of a hackabout network storage device for in-house backups. No breath-holding, though: it comes down to what I have left over as spare time.

Speaking of my spare time, I use it to ride around my local town on an electric scooter that can go pretty fast, and collect projects that never seem to quite resolve themselves. In my defense, I am also working on acquiring an AS in Business Administration, which does consume the bulk of my time.